After an outstanding performance from the Irish team, they failed to qualify due to incompetent refereeing team and blatant cheating.

Did Thierry apologise? No he made a joke of it. (I can’t find a video of the interview anywhere but it is being played on Sky News every hour)

France’s qualification has made a mockery of the whole tournament.
If France do go on and do well in the tournament it would be a joke for everyone involved.

Even many French supporters are disappointed with decision of the referee. In a poll on the website of French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ an overwhelming 88.5% voted that les Bleus didn’t deserve to make it to the World Cup.

Personally I think FIFA need to introduce a Television Match Official like that used in Rugby Union to review incidents like this and make a fair decision for all involved. Even though many people feel it would slow down the pace of the game it would alleviate the injustice felt by many after mistakes from the refereeing team. They could also use a strike system similar to tennis where a player only has a certain number of challenges, to avoid the system to be overused.

We need to make a stand for our team and every team involved in World Cup!
Make your voice heard!!

Blog about the incident on skynews.com

Click here to support the 98 Morning Crews email petition!!

Click here to make a complaint to FIFA!

Petition to have IRELAND-Vs-FRANCE replayed!!

Thierry Henry should apologise to Ireland!

A poll about the result

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