I haven’t been blogging the past couple days as I have been recovering from my wisdom tooth removal. I was supposed to go to the hospital and have all four removed at once under general anaesthetic but now I’m soooo glad I didn’t.

Due to a really bad toothache I decided to brave the procedure (and my fear of dentists) under local anaesthetic on Friday. The operation itself was fine, almost too fine, I found myself nearly falling asleep in the middle of it.

The recovery on the other hand was the worst. Although I’m feeling much better now my jaw is still quite swollen. I’m still restricted to liquids and baby foods (which are delicious!!). I miss chocolate and pizza..awww.. Every television show I’ve seem to put on over the past few days they’re munching on pizza or pasta. There’s even loads of pizza leaflets coming in the door.

Overall the past three days have been quite unpleasant. At times I couldn’t open my mouth to eat at all. Beforehand I really underestimated the effects of the procedure.

The worst side effect is that I haven’t been able to laugh (or well without saying “Ouch!!”) since Thursday. I’ve had to bypass all my favourite comedies, funny pictures and certain Twitters!!

I’ve been the quietest I’ve ever been for years. I cannot wait to get back to laughing!! (and chocolate!!)

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