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Improv Everywhere: Surprise Wedding Reception

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Grammar Win!!

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A day in the Internet…

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Have you seen this man? Tell him to run away!

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Think the advertisement speaks for itself really.

Though it’s the use of the Business – Investment category that’s worrying.

Snuggies…why???!!!BUY A JUMPER!!!

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Is this some sort of scary gang, maybe even a cult??

No. It The Snuggies! Yay! (Trying my hardest here to feign enthuasiasim….no, nothing)

Ok so they’re kinda a good idea. For instance if you’re so out of it with a cold or flu and you could be wearing a bin bag to keep warm and not notice.

But why line you and your entire family up like some fluffy cult and post it on Facebook?

(Btw: Are those flowers on the left on the wallpaper or just floating in mid-air?)

Reasons I don’t feel bad for downloading music illegally

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