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I don’t think they’ll get their Euro back after this…

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Clever!!…oh no, wait…

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No way??!!

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Just in case you don’t want to kill your pets check out the other 7 here

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Leap Year: Summed up in under 3 minutes

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Here is the “trailer” for the new film ‘Leap Year’ which is due to be released this January.
Instead of giving the audience a sneak preview of the movie, the trailer is more like a summary.

Another thing judging by some the scenes and the filming location of the Aran Islands, how could they end up in the west of Ireland coming from Cardiff and not make it to Dublin??
There are only 3 ways to get to Dublin from Cardiff, two of which would leave you in actually in Dublin City not in some tiny romanticized village in the middle of nowhere!!

Another item of embarrassment for me as an Irish person was the idea of the Bed and Breakfast owners asking the two main characters were they married. Is it the film actually in this century or is that what people think Ireland is really like?

I noticed a Bus Éireann bus in the background, ok so maybe if they have taking some bat shit D-tour via Galway or something why couldn’t they take the bus to Dublin??

Also the idea that a simple Blackberry charger can black out an entire Irish village is just idiotic. We do have a proper electricity service in Ireland, we’ve had one for years.

But that’s all preamble, the true travesty, like any American movie set in Ireland is the accents.
Seriously can they not find any Irish people who can act?? Or at least a non-Irish actor that has a heard a genuine Irish accent.

I think I’ll be giving this film a miss

His arms flail about as if independant from his body!!Look at them go!!!

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His arms flail about as if independent from his body!!Look at them go!!!
The Hulk confronts Pat Kenny!!
The poor audience are now deaf.
Pat Kenny should have punched him with his robotic hand!!