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Truck Spills!!

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

A whole website devoted to the weird and wonderful things that fall off trucks. So if you like spilling stuff and trucks, this is the website for you!!

Here’s one of my favourites!! Truck bunnies!!

More Truck Spills here!


My take on ‘The End of Time, Part 2’

January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

The Tenth Doctor sadly bowed out on New Year’s Day after 49 episodes. Reaction to his last episode was mixed but I for one thought his ending was just beautiful. Ok, there were plot holes the size of the Medusa Cascade but they were completely overshadowed by the superb acting of the main characters.

As I sat down to watch the show I was excited, nervous and sad. Unfortunately I had only seen the brilliant Christopher Eccleston regenerate into Ten after watching Series 2, so it really didn’t have on me the same effect as this one would have. After all it was the departure of the Doctor that really introduced me to the series and made me love the show.

This episode continued on directly from Part 1, the entire human race has been converted to clones of the Master, Donna’s memory has returned and Wilf and the Doctor are detained by the Master in Naismith’s mansion. The Doctor pleads with the Master to release them so that they work together to finally uncover what the Ood predict is returning. The Master is unrelenting and believes he is the truth behind the Ood’s predictions. The Master becomes aggressive with the Doctor when he refuses to reveal the location of the Tardis, he then threatens to kill Wilf. Thank god for Cacti, as Wilf and the Doctor are saved in what the Doctor calls the “Worst. Rescue. Ever!”

This episode sees Wilf go from the Doctor’s accidental acquaintance to an actual proper companion and rightly so! The audience have really embraced the character since his first brief appearance in the 2007 Christmas Special. Although he didn’t get another stint in the TARDIS (“I thought it would be cleaner!”) he did have his first adventure off planet Earth after being transported on to Vinvocci ship.

The chemistry between the Wilf and the Doctor throughout the entire episode was just magic. The little conversation between them whilst onboard the Vinvocci ship was just a joy to watch. “I’d be proud if you were my Dad” an emotional Doctor proclaimed in reaction to Wilf’s declaration to the Master that he would be proud if the Doctor was his son. After a few prophecies from a mysterious woman (there’s lots of speculation that she’s an older Rose or Donna but personally I think she’s the Doctor’s mother) Wilf tries to convince the Doctor to pre-empt the Master by taking his gun and shooting him first. The Doctor continues to resist until his prompted into acting on hearing the Master declare the return of Gallifrey.

Let’s not forget the Master played brilliantly by John Simm. The character was prevented from being a one-dimensional cartoon villain as we see him devastated as he realises he’s been manipulated by the Time Lords since he was a child. The return of the Time Lords was even more absurd than the Master’s ‘resurrection’. It just seemed too easy, too quick, too mad. Their speedy return heralded an epic scene in which the gun-toting Doctor is torn between shooting the Time Lord Council and destroying his people once again and killing an a desolate Master. I especially loved that one moment both the Doctor and the Master called a truce and joined forces to resist the Time Lords’ return.

Humanity is restored, The Time Lords are banished, The Master seems to have just disappeared (Although in the Confidential the followed the show it was said that he was pulled in to void) and the audience is relieved as The Doctor has seemingly escaped his predicted demise but then he knocks four times (or 16 times if you are being really pedantic). My heart just sank; I really didn’t see it coming. The scene that followed was just exquisite. It wasn’t the writing it was just the pure emotion brought by Bernard Cribbins and David Tennant. It was heartbreaking as the Doctor realises he has to sacrifice himself to save a helpless Wilf. I couldn’t hold back the tears as Wilf bravely told the Doctor to leave him.

Although it’s been eloquently described by some as ‘fanw**k, I liked Ten’s sort of farewell tour. It served as a bit of comic relief from quite dark episode, also I think it brought some closure to characters we will probably never see again (hopefully, even so I would love to see a reappearance of Rose and the Clone Doctor. I know it’s the screechy, squeeeing fan girl within me, but not in the near future but perhaps when we’re on Doctor 13.5 and the year is 5.5/apple/26 or something).

It wasn’t the best storyline of recent years, but I think David Tennant and co acted their collective socks off to rescue the episode and provide a fitting and poignant end to the Tenth Doctor’s story.

Good bye Ten. It’s been brilliant. You were my Doctor!

Gogarty Gate!!

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

“In the most unparlimentary language F**k You!!” “That is most unparlimentary language”

This is about as wild as Irish politics gets…

Love the manic bell ringing at the end!!

I have to watch this again!!


November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

After an outstanding performance from the Irish team, they failed to qualify due to incompetent refereeing team and blatant cheating.

Did Thierry apologise? No he made a joke of it. (I can’t find a video of the interview anywhere but it is being played on Sky News every hour)

France’s qualification has made a mockery of the whole tournament.
If France do go on and do well in the tournament it would be a joke for everyone involved.

Even many French supporters are disappointed with decision of the referee. In a poll on the website of French newspaper ‘Le Monde’ an overwhelming 88.5% voted that les Bleus didn’t deserve to make it to the World Cup.

Personally I think FIFA need to introduce a Television Match Official like that used in Rugby Union to review incidents like this and make a fair decision for all involved. Even though many people feel it would slow down the pace of the game it would alleviate the injustice felt by many after mistakes from the refereeing team. They could also use a strike system similar to tennis where a player only has a certain number of challenges, to avoid the system to be overused.

We need to make a stand for our team and every team involved in World Cup!
Make your voice heard!!

Blog about the incident on

Click here to support the 98 Morning Crews email petition!!

Click here to make a complaint to FIFA!

Petition to have IRELAND-Vs-FRANCE replayed!!

Thierry Henry should apologise to Ireland!

A poll about the result

The cutest advert ever!!

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Bunnies, Bunies everywhere!!!Sooo adorable!!!
The new Duracell Lithium advert. Think the music is different from the UK version.

Hello world!

October 18, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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